Use of N-LIST Services by the First Grade College students affiliated to Tumkur University, Tumkur: A Study


Senior Research Scholar

Dos in Library and Information Science,

University of Mysore


Dr. Mallinath Kumbar


Dos in Library and Information Science,

University of Mysore



The present study was carried out at First Grade Colleges such as Arts, Commerce and Science discipline first Grade Colleges affiliated to Tumkur University. These studies aim to examine the purpose of use, types of services, level of satisfaction, problem faced while accessing, training/ orientation program and preferred external storage medium for storing information resources downloaded via N-LIST Services. For this purpose the researchers prepared a well structured questionnaire and interview schedule as a tool for data collection and same was analyzed and presented with useful percentage analysis and suitable table for presentation of data. The article summarizes the results highlighting the major findings, suggestions and conclusion.

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